Entry #11

Scouted Once Again

2018-01-18 07:34:17 by OddyMcStrange

A few days ago I recieved an invitation to the Art Portal. So it looks like I'm back on the "scouted" list. At least I'll be able to submit pics again. I'm a little relunctant to submit much, though. Whoever wanted me "unscouted" the first time around might try to make it happen again if I upload stuff he/she doesn't like. I'll still put stuff here, just not as often as before.


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2018-01-18 09:09:24

It doesn’t matter if they like it or not they shouldn’t unscout you becuase they don’t like your content. It's stupid the way some people act

OddyMcStrange responds:

Thanks, that helps me feel a bit better.