My E-Rated Content

2016-06-17 00:27:25 by OddyMcStrange

I have a lot of E rated stuff on DeviantArt. I see comments on Newgrounds about how people would rather see M or A rated stuff here. Whether they're just joking around or not, should I stop listening to them and just put more of my E rated pics here?


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2016-06-17 00:47:41

The art portal could use some E rated drawings. When I go on there I would like to see artwork and the occasional humor, not a bunch of porn that can be easily recognized elsewhere.

(Updated ) OddyMcStrange responds:

I'm a fan of humor myself. A lot of my pics have some, so you'd be able to find quite a few. Just not at the art portal, with me not being scouted anymore.


2016-06-17 03:27:49

Aw, that's sucks. Luckily you're easier to get recognized in the art portal than the audio portal. It's hard to get noticed if you're unscouted there.