Getting Back In Action

2017-08-03 05:00:41 by OddyMcStrange

A while back I had started running out of ideas on stuff to draw. So I decided to take a break from things related to drawing. This break ended up becoming more of a vacation, as I just couldn't get any ideas I wanted to work on.

A bunch of new stuff started coming out in the past year, and I finally started getting ideas again. First I was going to update some of my older pics, then I was going to upload some new ones I'd been working on. I don't think anyone really missed me, being the toony oddball I am. But I'm back to add more weirdness to the Internet, so stay tuned.

My E-Rated Content

2016-06-17 00:27:25 by OddyMcStrange

I have a lot of E rated stuff on DeviantArt. I see comments on Newgrounds about how people would rather see M or A rated stuff here. Whether they're just joking around or not, should I stop listening to them and just put more of my E rated pics here?

Doing My Own Thing

2016-05-23 08:48:06 by OddyMcStrange

After receiving more or less useful feedback (mostly less) I've decided to do what's most comfortable with me rather than what others prefer to do, including submissions, thumbnails, ratings, etc. I'm not upset if people dislike my stuff. I purposely draw characters and topics that don't have many pictures in a cartoony style that's less celebrated. If there aren't many pictures of something then obviously not many people like it, right? I'm perfectly fine with my art style. I may change character design or presentation method as I become more experienced with a topic, but my style has been decided. So, that's about it. If you find one of my pictures you'll know why it's like that and why you may like/hate it.

Need To Draw More Aliens

2015-12-24 03:10:06 by OddyMcStrange

I haven't been giving much attention to one of my main interests lately. I'm going to start trying to draw more aliens. Maybe even Ben 10 characters, since I'm quite a fan of the series.

A few days ago I recieved a mail message that said someone offered to scout me. Apparently being "scouted" is pretty much like recieving an invitation in the mail. So I said yes, and started exploring what was available to scouted users. It's mostly the "secret" unscouted art list and the ability to send invitations to non-scouted artists to join the Art Portal. The main reason so many people are not scouted is that Newgrounds tries to scare the pants off you when you try to scout someone, pointing fingers at "YOU" and threatening to kick you out of the portal if something's wrong with whoever you're scouting. Well, anyway, I'll try to be careful when looking for artists to scout.